Sunday Beer Blog: Winterhook 31

I didn’t even get out of bed until 1 today. First, I’m recovering from surgery. Second, my husband’s dead sexy. Due to the late start I cooked a blueberry custard and called it brunch. Classes up lazy, doesn’t it? To put icing on the lazy-day cupcake we watched Deadpool…for the zillionth time. 

The next step was to serve up an amazingly awesome blog post. The problem? No fancy beer. Thank goodness for the hubs. He had purchased a case of Red Hook Winterhook #31. (He’s sexy and smart.) I figured it was a great opportunity to review a beer-beer. 

This is the 31st version of Winterhook and it’s quite good. It’s dry-hopped and caramel in color and flavor. Derek says, “it’s refreshingly drinkable and makes for great hangovers.” I don’t know about the authenticity of that last part. Derek hasn’t had a hangover as long as I’ve known him…

Bottom line: it’s what a beer should be, cold and wet. (Much like my puppy’s nose.)

Beer Name: Winterhook 31

Beer Style: Winter Warmer

Brewer: Red Hook

Alcohol Content: 6%

Price: $15 case

Purchased From: Wine House