Day 5: My Guilty Pleasure

Sports movies.

There you have it. I think most people would add this to their “cute facts about me” list, but not me. I’m too much of a badass. I was the bad cop with my kids and barely flinched. I broke a leg and walked on it for nine days before I thought I should go see a doctor. I come from a long line of awesome Irish women. Needless to say I don’t cry at movies.

Old Yeller– dog was put out of his misery.

Marley and Me– that dog was a handful.

It’s a Wonderful Life– Ya, it is.

Steel Magnolias– Disease happens.

Toy Story– Um…they aren’t real people; they’re toys.

But sports movies? Yes, this girl cries. Sometimes she ugly cries. It could be We Are Marshal and I cry because the team dies in a plane crash, and the new team overcomes everything and I cry again. It could also be Miracle where I cry because of the fabulous win at the Olympics. And don’t even get me started on Rudy. (Remembering major scenes and biting my knuckle now.)

Rudy Poster

Worse is no one my family is the same. They cry at those other movies I mentioned and make me feel bad about not crying. Then when I cry, they stare at me as though I have the strangest soul on Earth.

I think it’s cool to appreciate a beautiful workout montage or painful team building scenarios including burpees. Don’t you?

I share this information sparingly, until now, to insure my “street cred”. I had to share it now because I love a challenge… no correlation to sport movie worship, I’m sure.


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