My heart breaks. Disolves.

She doesn’t love me.

Years of love; years of sacrifice.

Her father sleeps

out of overwhelming pain.

Nothing I can do;

nothing he can do.




She is ours. We love her.

He sleeps so he doesn’t feel.

Yet it isn’t true.

He just sleeps.

We love.

How does one ignore ignorance

when it’s one’s job to teach?

One ignores because of ignorance.

I am alone in this.

An atom.

A singularity; the strongest feelings

of love turned inside out.


Love łives here.

He’s broken.

I love him. I love her.

I still love her.

I still love him.

He rejects me to keep her.

I’m no longer allowed to love freely.

All is controlled by him. By her.

She is his. We love her.

Now our love is ticking.