Beer Blog: Kenai River Brewing

It’s cross country season for our two teens and that means our annual trip to Soldotna, AK for the Skyview Invitational. My husband and I love this race. We put the girls on the bus for “team bonding” and we drive my little, red Audi TT down the highway as fast as the curves call for.

Once there, we cheer for our girls (we’re not monsters) before ditching them to hit up local breweries.

On this year’s trip, we were able to enjoy Kenai River Brewing Company’s new location. Nice digs! Wood tables are found throughout, with the log shape being maintained. Metal accents at the bar and on the chairs continue the swanky yet rustic decor.

We were greeted by two employees behind the bar who were smiling and more than willing to chat about beer. We learned the nitro system is a delicate one, and beer had been lost the day prior because it wasn’t set up right. Derek and I have wanted a system at home, and were thankfully provided with some tips for success.

Excusing ourselves from great company, Derek and I wandered about with our first beers:Resurrection  Summer Ale and Breakfast Beer (on nitro) respectively. Derek described the Summer Ale as quite drinkable and a great malt flavor. It is a bit too malty for my taste though.

The Breakfast Beer is a classic I’ve had before, but the nitro was a great addition. It was smooth and had a delicate coffee flavor. It’s color was also quite pretty. I would love a blanket made of this brew so I could wrap myself up in it. (Imagination people!)

Winter Warlock was my second brew. It is high alcohol, 9.2%, and very good. Lighter in color than expected, the deep spice notes are chewy and it warms the bones on the way down. I didn’t want more than a glass of this one, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Breakfast; Resurrection; & Warlock

Kodiak Custom’s art adorns the walls of the brewery. They are Alaskan photographs wrapped on canvas by Kristin Dunn. Kristin is also, conveniently, a brewery employee. Such talent!

Wall art by Miss Dunn

As we were on our way out, we stopped to marvel at the shiny beer equipment one last time. Our audible compliments were rewarded with a quick tour of the facility, including its canning machine. Very cool Kenai Brewing. Very cool.