Sunday Beer Blog: Jacobite Ale

Today our beer has travelled from far away and my blog is subtly laced with betrayal. Yes, today I will speak highly of a Scottish beer, and being that I’m Irish, this is not something I do lightly.

(Although I think it should be said that if we had spent thousands of years as a united front, we’d all be speaking Gaelic. Just saying that amount of ornery would have been unstoppable.)

Anyhoo…today’s beer is Jacobite Ale from Traquair House Brewery. Hailing from Scotland, these fellows have been brewing since 1745.

One of the perks of being in the “biz” so long is having a collection of cool brewing supplies. For Jacobite, they utilized a copper kettle from 1738 and oak fermenters.

This ale is yeasty, nutty, and lighter on the palate than expected. Coriander is supposed to be a main brewing ingredient, but I have to admit the distinct flavor escaped me.

Jacobite is very reminiscent of Newcastle’s Black Cabbie, and that’s a beer I have trouble sharing.

Derek’s take: “That’s a beer to enjoy by the fire.”

Beer Name: Jacobite Ale
Brewer: Traquair House Brewery
From: Scotland
Purchased From: Wine House