Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

Day two is here and so am I. I’m a blogging success already! I will proceed with the 20 facts shortly, but first a home-building rant.

Everyone is smarter than me but somehow dumber than each other. Our general contractor, who has a tendency to “require” fancy finishes, says we need XYZ to pass inspection. Our sub-contractor says we only need ABC to pass. I’m going to have to call the municipality, and my gut says they’ll want XAYC. This project has really stressed my firm “work humbly with smart people” rule.

Chow with my dealing with contractors face.

Thanks dear readers. I needed to get that out. Now for the facts you came for:

1. I’m Irish/English American. 23andMe says 74% Irish

2. I have two daughters in college

3. I believe cursing is using the English language well (see fact 1)

4. I live in Alaska

5. I am happily married (most days…see fact 1)

6. I have a BA & MA

7. I truly enjoy beer & whiskey

Irish Whiskey

8. Fashion is a weakness although I don’t have any great skills

9. My parents live in FL part-time; it’s called snow-birding

10. I am building a log home with my hubs because we’re insane

11. TikTok proves people are mostly good- no really, go watch

12. I’m new to audiobooks but I’m really liking them

13. I appreciate art but have no abilities

14. I only have a small group of friends but they’re good stock

15. I really really hate talking on the phone

16. I’m introverted to the max

17. Apres sport only although oddly competitive

Outdoor pup
Outdoor fun.

18. Three dogs live with me

19. I am a snow lover

20. I think streaming is a problem. I like it too much.

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