Sunday Beer Blog: Kill Devil ’13

Hot damn! We had our first snow today. It was perfect, powder sugar snow that floated down like a dream. This is the time of year where the snow is simply gorgeous. Later, it’s pretty…pretty aggravating.

Other than the white surprise this morning, I was quite taken by our visit to the new Brown Jug location on Old Seward. I had heard rumors the growler bar was substantial, but there was so much more.

The “Jug” offered a growler bar with over 30 choices on tap. They had also allowed for a customer choice where one lucky patron gets their pick on tap. The available beers were varied and difficult to narrow down. (We had only brought two growlers.) I like having that problem.

The next surprise was the general beer selection. Wow. Beer floor-to-ceiling down an entire aisle AND a cooler.

While we perused Derek noticed Kill Devil. This is a beer we swooned over last year and didn’t expect back due to it’s limited edition status. A bit too giddy, we grabbed a bottle.

Kill Devil is brewed by Widmer Brothers and is a brown ale. It’s special due to its ingredients- Barbados & Blackstrap molasses, Palm sugars, Calypso hops- and due to its conditioning in Puerto Rican Rum barrels.

There’s a malty initial taste followed by a smooth butterscotch, and concluded with tingly sweet hops. The beautiful golden copper brew is “deeeelicious” if you ask Derek.

Beer Name: Kill Devil ’13
Beer Style: Brown Ale
Brewer: Widmer Brothers
Region: NW
Alcohol Content: 9.5%
Purchased From: Brown Jug

Sunday Beer Blog: Hazelnut Brown Nectar

Today’s blog centers around a beer from Rogue. Brewing out of Oregon, Rogue boasts its own farm. On this farm they grow all of the ingredients used to brew their many delightful beers. I am in awe of their control issues, and I mean that as a compliment.

They have their own beer farm! Cool.
The Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale’s bottle lists the particular 14 ingredients used during brewing, and includes “free range coastal water” which I found amusing. I’m quite sure the brewers at Rogue plotted this amusement as they do other smile-inducing notes on the bottles of their varied, an numerous, other brews. (While serious brewers, these guys know how to have fun with it. For instance, the words “dare” and “risk” are on their bottle necks.)

This particular offering was the 2011/2012 Gold Metal winner at the American Beer Festival in the Specialty Beer category. The smell was nutty, toasty, and familiar for a brown ale. I wanted a stronger hazelnut taste, but perhaps with the right meal it would be more confident. After a tingly mouthfeel, the ale ended with a pleasant yeasty aftertaste.

Happy Sipping!

Beer Name: Hazelnut Brown Nectar
Beer Style: Brown Ale
Brewer: Rogue
Purchased From: Wine House