Sunday Beer Blog: Kill Devil ’13

Hot damn! We had our first snow today. It was perfect, powder sugar snow that floated down like a dream. This is the time of year where the snow is simply gorgeous. Later, it’s pretty…pretty aggravating.

Other than the white surprise this morning, I was quite taken by our visit to the new Brown Jug location on Old Seward. I had heard rumors the growler bar was substantial, but there was so much more.

The “Jug” offered a growler bar with over 30 choices on tap. They had also allowed for a customer choice where one lucky patron gets their pick on tap. The available beers were varied and difficult to narrow down. (We had only brought two growlers.) I like having that problem.

The next surprise was the general beer selection. Wow. Beer floor-to-ceiling down an entire aisle AND a cooler.

While we perused Derek noticed Kill Devil. This is a beer we swooned over last year and didn’t expect back due to it’s limited edition status. A bit too giddy, we grabbed a bottle.

Kill Devil is brewed by Widmer Brothers and is a brown ale. It’s special due to its ingredients- Barbados & Blackstrap molasses, Palm sugars, Calypso hops- and due to its conditioning in Puerto Rican Rum barrels.

There’s a malty initial taste followed by a smooth butterscotch, and concluded with tingly sweet hops. The beautiful golden copper brew is “deeeelicious” if you ask Derek.

Beer Name: Kill Devil ’13
Beer Style: Brown Ale
Brewer: Widmer Brothers
Region: NW
Alcohol Content: 9.5%
Purchased From: Brown Jug